Misty Charles surfer and swimwear designer

Misty Charles the founder of the unique kids swimwear label Oceana Blue Swimwear has always been surrounded by the ocean. After living overseas for few years Misty is currently back in Australia living on the beautiful Gold Coast, near the sandy shores of Palm Beach with her two gorgeous ocean loving daughters. If you ever need a bit of sunshine in your life, you should definitively start following @oceanablueswimwear for your daily dose of vitamin sea. However since Misty has spent a lot of time on the beautiful island of Hawaii she promise to spill us a secret or two.

What role does the ocean & the beach play in your life?

It is our life, everything we do revolves around water & the beach. As a child I lived in a small country surf town by the beach, being brought up in a family that surfed we spent all of our spare time at the beach & in the water, surfing, swimming, jumping off rocks into the sea & rolling around in the sand. As an adult not much has changed & I’m fortunate that I can share my childhood memories with my daughters, there is something about the beach that lets your imagination run wild & free… Watching my children play making sandcastles, digging holes, jump over the waves & chase the seagulls – its pure bliss.

Your favourite beach destination?

I had the opportunity to live in Hawaii on the island of Kauai for a year when my eldest daughter was 1years old at the time.  There are so many beautiful beaches & memories my favourite being Poipu on the south side of the island, it was safe for my daughter to swim, there was surf & plenty of snorkeling, with a great island atmosphere.

Best coffee?

Im not a coffee drinker, Java Kai in Kapaa on the west side of the island makes a rock’n Acai bowl & Chai Latte.

Best shopping?

Shipwrecked Kauai has some amazing product/brands & homewares instore, including our very own Oceana Blue Swimwear.

Best healthy eats?

Living Foods health food Market in Poipu and Keoki’s Paradise in Poipu if your after a restaurant style atmosphere.

Best sundowners?

Best place to watch the sunset…Waters edge, nothing quite like the sunsets over the ocean in Hawaii.

Best exercise here?

If you looking for the best workout OFF KAUAI on the south side of the island offers the best sessions for an intense workout.

Where to stay?

If your travelling with a crew you could look at getting a holiday house that sleeps 8-10 people.

 In your beach bag?

Beach towels, sunscreen, zinc, water bottles, snacks, hat, sunglasses, phone, camera, business cards (lol I am always working).

Beauty routine before and after the beach?

Before the beach I wear a tinted UPF 50+ moisturiser afterwards I like to use my dõTERRA Veráge organic facial range, cleanser, toner, tightening serum & moisturizer.

How do you keep fit on holidays?

With high energy children fitness isn’t too much of an issue. I feel like I’m always chasing the kids. In my down time I like to do some stretching before bed.

Your beach uniform?

Seafolly or Tigerlily kaftan over my bikini, it’s lightweight & breezy… for surfing I wear my long sleeve Oceana Blue Suit, it’s perfect for the sun being UPF 50+ stylish & being a suit my back doesn’t get sunburnt.

What is your favourite part of an ultimate beach day?

I love going to the beach with friends, once everything is all set up (beach umbrella, towels, food, drinks, toys, surfboards) we normally switch out turns to go for a surf, then just kick back & enjoying the sunshine, watch the kids play, good laughs, embracing life & being grateful to have the lifestyle I live.

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  1. Love it. I am
    Off to Kauai today and was very inspired by this story. Can’t wait to see the sunsets and explore this tresure of an island!!

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