Om meg

I might not look like a beach and ocean lover when you look at my CV.

And yes, I have been running a lot in heels – from my early days at Cosmopolitan Australia and Shine Magazine, to the prestigious role and dream job as Fashion Stylist for one of the world’s most respected fashion magazines Harper´s Bazaar. But with the philosophy “Sleep when you are dead” that I picked up whilst working for the international surf and skate brand Globe International during my carefree uni days, living in a beach shack somewhere between Surfers Paradise and Byron Bay (yes I can put together a skateboard with my bare hands), and my continuous search for the Emerald City and Wonderland. I believe you can have it all. In fact, with overcoming my fear of not living enough, my life has until now been a sweet balance of beach babe, top of the class, wanderlust jet-setter and career focused boss lady. But what it all comes down to is that wherever I am, my beach time and my active lifestyle is always the priority – as soon as I kick off those heels.

Growing up in a family that has lived and breathed the ocean for generations, and a dad with the wanderlust gene, my love for the water, the ocean and the blues was always in my veins. Heated pools became my escape through the cold winters in Norway. And as soon as I finished high school and froze a bit more as a ski instructor in the Austrian Alps, I was off collecting beach stamps and moments, along, in or by the ocean. Living on the beach as an Australian for 7 years changed me forever.

Working with some of the biggest names and brands in one of the worlds hardest industries has been a dream. I am so grateful and fortunate to be able to work, live and breathe my dream every single day. However becoming an adult in far away cultures the ocean has always grounded me. Whether it´s waking up to the ocean in my hometown Bergen, at a job in Spain or on holidays in Bali, the ocean always makes me feel at home. It´s where I get inspired, drown my sorrows and laugh the hardest.

It therefore makes me proud to introduce you to The Beach Seekers.

A brand built around my experiences of living and breathing the beach, passion and knowledge of the fashion and beauty industry, and my philosophy of always living, experience and feeling your heartbeat to the maximum.

All the beautiful people I have met and keep meeting along the way will give you an inside scoop to the best beaches this world has to offer. You shall never again have a problem finding the best bikini, summer dress or beach destination, even when it´s snowing outside your window in Norway, or ice-cold winds hits Bondi Beach during the Australian winter. I will have you sorted.

The philosophy behind The Beach Seekers is to always be beach ready, have that summer smile on your face and never pack away your bikinis. Because life is too short.

So go get your beach boost, and let me create waves for you. You will never regret getting that ticket that’s my promise to you.