Innika Choo frock designer with daughter

If you not already following @innika on instagram you better start now. Her incredible wardrobe reminds me of a Pandora box where Carrie Bradshow meets Bali. Not only does her instagram take you straight to the beautiful island of Bali, where Innika lives with her husband and three kids, you also get free holiday-wardrobe inspiration with a laugh (her instagram captions is hilarious). No one knows the holiday paradise better then the locals, so I got Innika to spill us some beans.

What role does the ocean & the beach play in your life?

Calms our kids and they always have a good night sleep after an arvo at the beach.

Where will be find the best coffee here?

Coffee is hit and miss, there’s a new bar in Seminyak called Expat that is the closest this island has to a good cup of joe.

Best shopping?

If you’re into interiors, get your self some wheels and have a rummage around the back streets of Kerobokan. If you’re into soft furnishings brace yourself and have a good banter for fabric along Jalan Sulawesi, near the Denpasar Market. If you love Durian, keep an eye out road side for the spikey buggers. And if you’re after a smock, just chill in your accommodation and shop online at my website

Best healthy eats?

Fresh from the fruit markets, its mango season now and I’m eating them daily. They also do a mean vegan burger at Peloton Cafe in Berawa.

Best sundowners?

Alila Seminyak – live jazz singer, stunning view of the beach, middle eastern bites..

Best exercise here either you prefer a class, walk or run?

I don’t exercise at the moment, but hope to maybe start next year.

Chicest place to stay here?

The Katamama Hotel is awesome. Every tiny detail has been so cleverly thought out. Also the Slow in Canggu is new to be opened soon and it looks incredible.

Must see/do?

Must see yourself in a mirror. Must do better. The irony I don’t even own a full length mirror. I’m not doing that good.

What do you always pack in your beach bag?

I try not to bring a beach bag, my arms are full carrying kids. But my phone is usually in a pocket to whip out and take pics, and I’ve almost always got a big old hat on my head.

Whats your beauty routine before and after the beach?

Spray tans!! I’m so white and freckly it hurts. Faux tans forever!! Love a hot shower after a fresh dip.

How do you stay fit when on holidays?

That my dear, is a very good question.

Your beach uniform?

Barefoot, one of my smocks, a vintage straw hat, Zanzan cat eye specs.

What is your favourite part of an ultimate beach day?

It’s all for the girls. Making memories for these little critters is all that matters.